What is the Whitelist registration in ICO? The Full Guide 2018


May 22, 2018

ico whitelist

Why You Should Join the ICO Whitelist

Initial coin offerings these days are using various marketing tactics to build awareness of their project and to grow the potential customer base. Whitelist is one of such methods. As part of the ICO marketing strategy, whitelist is very similar to the email list that is familiar to most marketers, and similar to email lists its members also get certain bonuses. With ICO, these bonuses have a token value. Whitelist members get access to pre-sale, the early bird sale where the discount is the highest. After the registration in the whitelist also can participate in other marketing activities such as social media posting, blog posting, influencer marketing and more as part actions in ICO marketing strategy.

Benefits of a Whitelist

In traditional email marketing, “whitelist” means your email address is are considered free of spam and you are an “approved person” not suspected of spam. This also means that you have access to privileged areas of the platform.

In the world of ICOs whitelist also refers to the community of most loyal ICO followers. Since there are so many projects active at any period of time, digital entrepreneurs had to find ways to limit access the token sale only to verified members and therefore conforming to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Having a whitelist is a sign that this ICO is rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, whitelists are used by some of the most popular ICOs which would not otherwise give you access to the token sale unless you have joined their whitelist. Some of the extremely popular ICOs are also grading users inside the whitelist depending on the time when they joined creating groups with certain privileges and different levels of discounts or bonuses.

With over a thousand tokens in circulation at the moment and many more in the process of being minted and launched at cryptocurrency exchanges, getting a whitelist is a step that marks only the more advanced and reputable ICO projects. It is advisable to enter whitelist early to benefit from early-bird pre-sale bonuses.

Steps to Get Whitelisted

While recognizing the numerous benefits of a whitelist, many ICOs differ in their approach to accepting whitelist members. Some good ICOs are often too restrictive and require subscribers to be friends or family members of the company and manually approve each of them. Some ICOs just ask a few basic questions, similar to joining a mailing list, with an only additional question being whether the member’s jurisdiction allows the participation in ICO. If you want to be allowed to participate you should be a resident of most countries except USA and China. Make sure to enter the correct information before refreshing this signup page.

The first step to whitelist in ICO is to register in the ICO platform on their login page. This means that you join the circle of supporters without even purchasing tokens but may do this in the future. The next step would be selecting the number of tokens and the type of cryptocurrency you prefer to use to pay and get paid in the future into your wallet. When you reserve the specified amount of tokens, avoid refreshing this page as it may double the number. Make sure your wallet us up and running with a fully updated version of the platform so you are ready to accept tokens and receive profits once the token sale has started and beyond.