Top 4 Upcoming ICO 2018 – The best ICO Ideas


May 15, 2018

ico ideas

Upcoming ICO projects to watch in 2018

People want to encourage a good idea and to earn money doing it. If you are already interested, then you must pay attention to ICOs. You will see the power of your good intentions in the process, and for this, you need to find the company that makes something useful from your point of view. That’s all. Each person wants to create unique projects, so probably you will never miss a chance to fulfill worth ideas.

First, the team must receive the necessary funding for the future development of the technology. As the value continues to grow (and sometimes the technology gets extreme popularity), you get generous rewards.

Some time ago nobody even heard of the ICO. But millions of users of the world can thank the enormous evolution of cryptocurrencies and technology, many companies began to view it as a good option to obtain funds and can give something to their investors. With the help of this solution, everybody has what they want to receive.

This enormous popularity of ICOs was massive due to the large growth of Ethereum (ETH) by 57.7% in 2017. Almost all ICOs are based on ETH nowadays, and in the near future, they will increase. The resounding answer from business and individuals attracted the attention of regulators, who are now trying to find out the best way to manage the industry.

These enormous amounts have also been associated with the activities of developers that create new technologies for the global network that will help to improve and diversify opportunities.

The amount will grow further, as soon as more and more start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs will use ICOs as the way to finance their projects. At the same time, this will also increase the number of investors who want to take part in it. Due to the limited time available for fundraising, it is strongly recommended to buy cryptographic tokens as soon as you can after the launch of the ICO sale period starts.

Despite the fact that the market remains very attractive for start-ups, and the world is confident that in the near future all new ICO ideas will appear. There are already some promising projects with plans and intentions for organizing their ICO which have been emerging in the world shortly.

Now you can get to know with the best ICO investment projects that you would like to watch for sure.

askfm ico 2.0

This ICO is the first incentivized, decentralized Q&A social network with an internal cryptocurrency (ASK Token). The company aims are to give users the possibility to ask questions, answer them, and get rewards for quality content and to make people receive and share knowledge with users all over the Internet. is similar to a social network, but the main mission is to expand our horizons. It allows development, improvement of social skills as well. Smart contracts security is provided. It is a peer network based on high-loaded blockchain Q&A platform which is used as a security protocol. A user is rewarded for quality content and activity via an in-app token economy mechanism.



The sale of NuCypher tokens will begin in early 2018.

A key management system (KMS) is an integrated approach for the distribution and management of cryptographic keys for devices and applications. The current KMS services are centralized and require putting trust in the service provider. ICO NuCypher (NKMS token) adds to the technological part of the blockchain, which should be based on the concept of decentralization. It collaborates with other blockchained projects. The service provides personal data exchange between any number of participants via public consensus networks using a re-encrypted proxy (PRE) to delegate the rights to decryption in a way that can not be achieved by traditional public-key encryption methods.



Orchid ProtoSol combines sellers of bandwidth into a structured p2p-network, called the Orchid Market. Now those users who use unprotected (without using VPN technology) access to the Internet, give access to the history of their browser to their Internet provider, which can distribute or sell these data. Thanks to Orchid you can resist the vulnerability to collusion attacks from the side of the sellers of bandwidth (ISP). Not bad, don’t you think so? Orchid ProtoSol has a great potential to become a new VPN provider, which encrypts and safely delivers traffic to unprotected public networks. This internet-censorship allows people to communicate easily, get some information and even receive some rewards.

IUNGO Network



What do you think when you have to do something but do not have WiFi? The developers have created IUNGO network that will soon get the largest decentralized internet Service Provider on a global scale. Users all around the world will have free or almost free access to the Internet. It sounds pretty weird, but cool.

The choice is up to you. You have an opportunity to pick an interesting idea. Join one of the ICOs and you will have a chance to change the world.