How to Sell ICO Investments – Tokens Exchange


May 17, 2018

how to sell ico tokens

Tokens Exchange – Sell ICO Investments

Cryptocurrency investments in the form of tokens latterly became more prevalent. They are appealing because of their transparency and ample possibilities for the investors. But the partly cautious and prudent attitude toward any novelty stimulates them to find the ways to get out of the game any time in the future. The key step is to vend your virtual stocks.

There are two methods to get rid of redundant or no more needed tokens. The prime one is to wait until the selected project declares an exchange. The second path is more difficult and demands experience and orientation in the encrypted currency world. You need to find a buyer and perform all required procedures and transactions by yourself.

Before getting started, be sure that you are ready to liquidate your stances and sell your coins. Scrupulously evaluate your decision, because unless recipients agree with a reverse transaction, your actions can’t be undone. And even their acceptance can cause you excessive expenses.

sell ico investments

Announced exchange

To find out when the project you have invested in will be listed on an exchange check its roadmap. All the information and conditions should be specified on its Whitepaper. Depending on the quality of the product marketing you can also receive notification via e-mails, social networks or blogs.

Sometimes project holders don’t indicate when their tokens will be available for swaps to avoid large-scale simultaneous trades that can induce anxiety among the investors and dump the coin valuation. If you trust this project and confide in ICO system, be patient and await the necessary period or contact the team support line to find out the reason for the deferment.

When you are informed that coins can be interchanged, proceed to the ablation actions. You should transfer your balance to the exchange with a liquid market to be able to actually trade your tokens. Ascertain that both current and desirable currencies are available there. To escape any inconveniences create your personal account. Then the identity verification process will be accomplished quicker and more smoothly in occasion of large withdrawals.

Hereafter clarify your requirements. Do you want to exchange your tokens for another cryptocurrency or actual money? If you desire to withdraw cash, you might be obligated to complete a two-stage operation. If your coins don’t have this trading option exchange them for the established altcoins like BTC or ETH that then can be traded for USD. Otherwise directly organize a bank transfer to dispatch money to your savings account.

Other obstacles that can appear in your way are the peculiar exchange and local restrictions. They can prohibit USD withdrawals from token trade platforms. In this situation sell your coins for the established ones and use unlimited services for exchanging them to USD.

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Self-supporting trading

Cryptocurrency community is rapidly enlarging. In the latest years numerous websites, blogs, trackers and social networks pages were set up. The mentioned communication services are your remedies to find a potential buyer for your tokens. Take into consideration the smaller and riskier the project is the harder it will be.

The advantage of this trading alternative is that transaction conditions depend on your communication skills and industry knowledge basics. Despite system mechanics, the reliability is still a desirable side of the buyer, and online contact doesn’t allow to always recognize it.

Real or virtual stock exchange business is fierce. Cryptocurrency brings more prudence into it by giving the control to unbreakable contracts. The downside is that it makes any completed transactions irreversible. That’s why when you make an exchange check the destination address and start with small amounts to assure that your funds were entirely delivered to the recipient.