How to Get a Bitcoin Address?


May 31, 2018

bitcoin address

Bitcoin is all about anonymity. People turn to anonymous transactions for various reasons, which don’t necessarily have to be malicious. That’s why you should create “disposable” Bitcoin addresses to only use once for a particular transaction. Once the transaction is complete you can withdraw the funds using an exchange if you have received the funds, or you can simply forget about that address if you used it to send Bitcoin.

If you wish to send money using a Blockchain application, you should go to Receive Money tab and choose the option “New Address”. Add a quick note to remember what you used it for. If you are sending out money from your Bitcoin wallet, choose the option “Custom Send”, then click on “New Address.” You are all set.

Keep in mind though that these measures will not make your transaction completely anonymous but you have just made it a lot more difficult to track these transactions.

Bitcoin address can also be used to create a secure paper wallet. The quickest way to create a new Bitcoin address for this purposes is at website. After you enter some random letters, your new address arrives complete with public and private keys.

The next step would be going to the “Paper Wallet” tab where you can indicate the number of bitcoin addresses you would like to generate. Once you generate a new address, initiate the printing function on your computer and print the address. You may also save your new Bitcoin address as a PDF file on your computer.