How to buy Bitcoin?


June 23, 2018

How to buy Bitcoin

Today, everybody is interested in cryptocurrencies and which benefits they can bring you. They can improve the world and make it without banks with their multiple offices, clerks working in them, middlemen and bureaucracy. It would be a real paradise. And it’s available to build it now! Digital assets and innovative technologies are the first steps to do. If you have decided to become a part of the decentralized society and don’t know, how to buy a bitcoin, I’ll give you a few pieces of advice what, to begin with.

The first step to bitcoin purchase is to select a wallet. It helps you store your digital capital and feeling your security. There are a lot of ways to store such kind of assets including:

  • Desktop;
  • Online;
  • Mobile;
  • Hardware.

Each of them has its pros and cons. You can choose the most suitable one for you. For instance, online wallets are easy-to-use, and you have an access to them whenever you want. Even if you go to another country, you always can go on the Internet and check your balance or withdraw transaction. For this, you need only an access to the Internet. You can use this type from any computer and device at any place of the world.

Mobile wallets are also very convenient and practical

Desktop wallets provide their owners with a higher level of the security and protection from frauds and hackers because they don’t require a permanent connection to the Internet. If you don’t know, how to purchase bitcoins, think of selecting a reliable and convenient way of storing your digital gold. But if your computer or laptop is damaged, you won’t be able to restore your wallet. This is their main drawback.

And the last way to store your BTC is to purchase a hardware wallet. They are the most reliable and protected from hackers and thieves. Also, you can carry your wallet with you wherever you go. This one can be equipped with a touchscreen and resemble a real gadget used not only for entertainment purposes. You can set up your password on it to protect your assets from scams and thieves.

After selecting a wallet for storing your capital, you should decide how to buy bitcoin. For these purposes, you should select a trader. The best decision would be to buy your digital currencies on the exchange. You should also choose one the most trustworthy from them. Is advisable to select Coinbase. It’s enough reliable. You can sign up on this exchange very easy without filling special forms and providing your personal information. With this exchange, you can purchase and sell digital assets, but you can also sign up on the exchange platform GDAX. It will allow you to control your funds better.

Also, there are special services making it possible to purchase BTC peer-to-peer. For instance, LocalBitcoin or BitQuick. These services are very convenient and offer their users a wild range of payment options without middlemen.

After selecting an exchange or service for purchasing digital assets, you should choose your payment method. There are a lot of payment methods, but some of them are very dangerous because scammers use them. For instance, Coinbase makes it possible to transfer payments from your bank account, but this payment solution requires confirmation from your account before trading. Coinbase doesn’t support Paypal.

To withdraw your digital assets, you can use exchanges, but also special ATMs that are a rarity today.

The last thing you should pick up about BTC that it’s very volatile, and you should be ready for sharp falls and ups. If you are going to get a profit, you should throw your assets on raises and purchase on falls. To become a successful trader you must have patience, an iron grasp, poignant wit, and a lot of experience.

For purchasing you BTC, input a number of digital assets in the field and click a button to buy.