Dogecoin Cloud Mining Comparison to Other Crypto Currencies


June 19, 2018

Dogecoin Cloud Mining

You wouldn’t believe us, but Dogecoin was a coin that originated from the image of a very cute Japanese dog that has a puzzled and bewildered expression on its face. If you are a regular on The Internet there’s every chance that you have already seen the popular Shiba Inu. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that you even shared the picture one or two times with your friends! People use that meme to poke fun at things, it would appear to be impossible for someone to make the coins minable and taken seriously. Funny enough, not every coin should be taken earnestly!

The majority of us thought it was all fun and it was just a moment of the worldwide web being weird again, as many things turned red hot overnight there already and proved to be a flash in the pan. Little did anyone expect that coin would live on for years and make such an impact on the cloud mining websites – it became an instant hit and provided an almost unlimited supply of new wave likes! “Such crypto, much popular, wow!”

Due to the popularity of that meme, the mining facilities sprung up everywhere and we witnessed a meteoric rise of the Dogecoin. Well, who wouldn’t want to have a thing like that? It was fresh and nothing like that ever occurred before, seeing Doge was much cooler than staring at yet another boring historic person. Dogecoin gained its momentum from day one, on its release in 2013. Just two years later no less than a billion coins were mined, that is a stone cold fact!

Can You Still Mine Dogecoins and Make a Profit?

As it was mentioned above, Dogecoin was designed to be alike or a retweet of the new format, where content providers received their plaudits in a monetary way. A hip way to say “thank you” or give a “thumbs up” got on pretty well, as you could make the transaction possible in the shortest period of time without any paper attachments. You could send the coin to Japan – the homeland of Shiba Inu, for example. No limitations to buy dogecoins and no restrictions to sending them anywhere in the world made those coins amazing.

That being said, the stars that shine the brightest burn out the fastest. The gag got old with people, and gradually they started losing their value. The people could still get a hold of the coins, but their chances of making profit melted like ice cream on the bright summer sun. The merger with Litecoin being one of the ways to improve the situation didn’t work out as planned. The alliance proved to have lethal consequences for the Doge!

The new technology and appeal to the internet community granted the coin a golden ticket to the stardom in no time, but also set up the creation for a sad ending. The death of Dogecoin was swift and painless, we all moved on from there. It was fun at first, but ultimately it was just a question of when not why. A unique concept had a perfect run and undeniably left the mark in the history of the crypto world. It’s still possible for Dogecoin to make a comeback, as people power could bring it back to vigorous life!