Bitcoin Mining Software Review


June 5, 2018

Bitcoin Mining Software Review

So you are ready to join thousands of miners! Good decision. After you have purchased your Bitcoin mining rig components or and have assembled them you can now join the mining rig or try to mine solo. For the beginner, the pool offers the more accessible entrance to cryptocurrencies as you will be able to share your computer processing resources in exchange for a portion of the pool’s profits. Now you need to connect your miner for accessing the network. This is done via specialized software for cryptocurrency mining.

As mining becomes popular, users can choose from a bunch of new programs that manage all aspects of the technologically complex process. We examined, tested and reviewed popular solutions that do not require a steep learning curve.

When choosing the software to mine cryptocurrency, you must first pick which coin you intend to mine. Because of its high growth rate and raising complexity, some new users choose to focus on altcoins, for example, Litecoin. But Bitcoin mining remains most profitable, especially if you join the pool of miners to combine resources.

Bitcoin mining software helps connect your rig to the blockchain or the pool if you are using this model. The actual of cryptocurrency mining is done by the specialized equipment (the rig). The software finds the transactions to be verified, submits it to the miner, and returns the completed data back to the network, collecting the reward. This process doesn’t change whether you choose to mine solo or as a part of a pool, although rewards are different. While individual miners don’t solve blocks as quickly as the pool does, their awards are also higher. But members of the pool get paid more often. At the end of the day, the amount of revenue is quite similar.

While the Bitcoin hardware itself handles the actual process of Bitcoin mining, specialized software is essential for your operations. This way you will connect your Bitcoin miner machines to the blockchain if you are working solo, or link your miner with Bitcoin mining pool if you are starting as a part of the group. Other useful features include the monitoring of such vital metrics as the temperature, hash rate, and fan speed performance. Some software will support common configurations of hardware as they come with tools to analyze hardware working mode and prevent potential damages, for example, overheating.

Some will support multiple devices, and others will not. Many are cross-platform and open-source, which gives the user more freedom to customize the application and utilize existing systems. Others are only compatible with specific graphics processors or rigs.

There are applications available for Windows and MacOS although some modifications may be required depending on the setup of your Bitcoin miners because some currencies such as Burstcoin can be even mined on SD card. Many miners work with ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphic card and similar powerful devices. You will also have to set up your Bitcoin wallet before you install the software.

Popular Software Packages

Before you choose software for management of Bitcoin miner, you will need to ensure that the package of your choice is compatible with the device and the platform you are using. Different miner programs are running on Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems. All of the software tools listed below have similar functions. They allow to discover new blocks, control the speed of cooling fans, and monitor the activity across several pools and devices in a remote regime.


One of the most popular GPU and ASIC supporting programs for Bitcoin miners is CG Miner running on Linux. Launched six years ago, it is an Open Source programme written in C language, so it can run on nearly all platforms and types of miner machines. To work in CGMiner you enter commands in the interface using the keyboard that you can easily memorize. The application can manage to mine across several pools and multiple machines. Although it was initially developed to be used with ready-made hardware miners it can also connect other GPUs installed in your machine.

To operate CGMiner you need to first install the free operating system Linux because CGminer is a text-only program. Although creators of the program claim it works cross-platform, some users found it difficult to install it on Windows-powered devices. One of the issues with installing CGMiner on Windows was that the antivirus tools often blocked the download. This doesn’t mean that the program is malicious, the reason could be that scammers could modify the program to install it on other machines or browsers to mine Bitcoin. To overcome this issue, you can adjust the settings on your antivirus to allow the program to be installed.

After you have installed the CGMiner, you will need to enter the login details to your mining pool account, and the application will automatically connect all your miner GPU and ASIC devices to the pool. After connecting it will manage all your mining activities in a remote mode and collect the rewards and deposit them to your Bitcoin wallet.

A great feature of CGMiner is that it’s an open source program, so users can contribute to the development of this software by reporting bugs and suggesting fixes.


If inputting commands through a text line is a bit complicated for you, EasyMiner comes to the rescue. This is a user-friendly frontend application for text-only popular software such as CGminer. Being kind to newcomers, EasyMiner can operate in a beginner mode with creating a Litecoin wallet and mining this currency in a private pool. Once you become more confident in cryptocurrencies, you can add more pools, change network configuration and monitor your income. This software also allows using ASIC equipment, for example, AntMiner.

EasyMiner features a dashboard where you can monitor the processes run by CGminer which is used to mine Bitcoin and CPU miner which mines Litecoin. While you may only want to focus on Bitcoin, turning off the CPU Miner is not possible so you have to create a Litecoin wallet and allow the tool to mine Litecoin as well. Similar to CG Miner alone, EasyMiner also triggers antivirus alerts because this tool has been abused by hackers who installed it to secretly mine crypto on unsuspecting users’ machines.


Another reliable option is a Bitminter Mining Pool. Being used by hundreds of miners since 2011, this software has a user-friendly interface and works reliably with all types of miner devices. You can control the hash rate, perform GPU monitoring and check the progress to see how many proofs of works has been deposited by the server. You can also monitor the quality of the connection to the server. The software is written in Java and is compatible with all operating systems. It is perfect for both new miners and professional users since many of its advanced features do not have to be configured manually. The only disadvantage is that Bitminter miner works only with their platform for cryptocurrency miners. You will need to create an account and accept the way the company issues the reward and hosts its servers. The company offers excellent support for new users.


If you do not have advanced technical skills and prefer to use Windows 10, MultiMiner miner for Windows will be more suitable. The application claims to run well on all platforms, but in reality, to operate it on MacOS and Linux you will have to install additional apps.

Developed specifically for less tech-savvy users, it offers a helpful tutorial when you download and install the program on your computer. After you finish setting it up in a simple and straightforward interface, MultiMiner will browse your system looking for GPUs and CPUs and collect additional data such as which pool it is connected to and what is it’s hash rate. It will also calculate your potential daily earnings from your current rig setup. Another helpful feature is that Multiminer not only connects to several pools but also allows you to choose your strategy. Depending on your earning ambitions you can mine the currency with a better exchange rate or opt for those currencies that require fewer resources. You can even switch your devices between cryptocurrencies to maximize earnings. This feature is useful for both beginners in mining and advanced users.

Other good options are a GUI Miner, RPC Miner for MacOS, and a DFGMiner was built as a variation of a CGMiner with a focus on ASIC mining, unlike the original program. It is also capable to dynamically clock, monitor and connect with a remote interface for cloud mining.


This user-friendly software tool operates on Windows. It supports multiple pools, has a power-efficient mode and is reported for speedy submission of solved blocks. Another handy feature is profit analytics. Using this feature, you can calculate the most profitable strategy to increase your revenue.

Software for Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Cloud mining permits users to earn coins using their regular computers without investing in pricey hardware. Cloud miner software puts significant limits on revenue, and the risks of fraud are also common since you are not controlling the whole process. Genesis remains the most popular cloud miner, even though it’s not a standalone solution but a complete platform where you can purchase processing power produced by remote data centers. Cloud data centers don’t require you to install any additional software, and you can monitor all the activities in the internet browser.

For miners of all levels, it’s essential to quickly integrate new tools that allow mining Bitcoin more efficiently than competitors do. When you embrace new advanced software, you gain the competitive advantage and increase the profitability of your efforts, and eventually will achieve a positive ROI much faster.