Best Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets to Choose From


June 19, 2018

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Choose from

If you are asking a question where to save your digital capital and sleep peacefully, the answer is here. Find the top mobile wallets for bitcoin suitable for iOS and Android.

The Best Opportunities to Store Digital Capital in Mobile Wallets

The fiat currency has a serious competitor in the form of virtual coins. In this connection, the question arises – how to choose a purse for your cryptocurrencies? If paper bills can be stored in a wallet or just in your pocket, then the mathematical code as a digital capital cannot be touched or seen.

What is a bitcoin wallet? Actually, if the electronic money itself has the appearance of an alphanumeric series, then the savings cell should be equal to it.

Choose the Best Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

Those who are engaged in mining, necessarily face the question. what electronic purse for cryptocurrency to choose? There are a lot of mobile wallets suitable for apple ios and android, some of them can be used on android and desktop. The list of popular versions changes over time and it is best to give preference to what the crypto-currency websites offer. They are tested directly by the dev company of these very virtual currencies. We will consider not only recommended, but also the most popular amid users, mentioning their attractive sides, and not forgetting about the shortcomings.

Holy Transaction

This is a multi-currency purse for the cryptocurrency, in which you can store 12 types of the most common digital coins, as well as euros and dollars. It has a user-friendly and easy to use interface, which is especially important for beginners.

The system of HD for the compilation of SEED-codes is absent, and the ciphers from the accounts are on the servers but there is a two-phase authentication, and you can create your private complex passwords.


This is one of the popular online storages, despite the problems with transactions. It also works on android and ios mobile devices and is multicurrency, supporting up to 16-and crypto-currency and 4 official ones.

This is equipped with two-phase authentication, you need a password and confirmation of the operation by phone or e-mail. As for problems with remittances, there are many complaints that money does not reach a mobile wallet of the recipient, although the transaction was confirmed.


This is another multicurrency purse for the cryptocurrency. In fact, this is a desktop-purse integrated into the web environment of the Swiss exchange ShapeShift with a well thought out simple interface. Beginners quickly get help from technical support, and this is one of the advantages about the app. Here you can create complex passwords, use SEED-phrases and make copies of the wallet by a special utility developed by resource programmers.


This is multilingual, multi-currency mobile wallet for Android smartphone. There is an HD wallet, but there is no two-phase confirmation. But if you consider that a virus that gets into the phone is able to get your private keys to savings, it knows how to get authentication ciphers, and in this respect, the absence of this function does not matter.


In the cryptocurrency market, it has been working for a long time, having gained confidence. It can be put on smartphones and on different OSes as a thin mobile wallet. It works on the principle of open source code, and those who value anonymity refer to it because it works perfectly on the Tor network.

Unlike other programs, each user has several bit-addresses available, which are safe to be given to other people and even shown in social networks. There is an opportunity to come up with complex passwords and SEED-phrases, and individual keys are stored at their owners. If there are questions or difficulties in the work, the tech support quickly responds to the requests.


This is the perfect online wallet for bitcoins; it has two-step authentication, you can create SEED-codes and complex passwords. This wallet is completely reliable.

But if you synchronize it with your mobile phone using QR-code, the internet security level immediately drops. The drawbacks include slowness during transactions. Although technical support tries to quickly resolve the problems that arise.

Bitcoin Core

This is an old but tested purse for storing bitcoins, created by the Bitcoin Foundation. If you are willing to get the cryptocurrency space to store electronic capital, which will be really secure, choose this thick desktop wallet.

Bitcoin Core is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a drawback, one can say about too much information that confuses newcomers, as well as slow synchronization of the blockchain, which makes operations not as fast as we would like.


It supports several cryptocurrencies, it is presented as a mobile and a desktop purse with an internal currency exchange due to the introduction of the ShapeShift service into the network. Amid the advantages is the ability to come up with SEED-codes and a nice interface. Now about the minuses. The service takes a commission; there is a very weak password of 4 numbers, a constant loss of some amounts from accounts.


This is a claimed purse. The address for it, along with the QR code, is generated by randomly moving the mouse across the screen on the resource page. There is a suspicion that the information may be available to site owners. Although there are few negative responses about BitAddress.


This is a famous manufacturer of hardware wallets, for which several models have already been released, but with a single operating principle. If to talk about possible risks, then the list can include: the loss of SEED-code, the falsification of addresses during the transfer and banal theft.

None of these options can be a serious problem. In order not to lose the wallet and SEED-code, it is enough to be careful and attentive, keeping them away from prying eyes and “sticky” hands. And in order to prevent intervention in the transaction, only trusted, invulnerable crypto wallets should be used to process them.

Feel free to choose the best one and keep your cryptocurrency safe!