Best ICO to Invest In 2018


May 15, 2018

best ico to invest in 2018

What is the best ICO to invest in 2018?

The market today is filled with countless ICOs in which you can invest. Who hasn’t heard of them by now? The figure of initial coin offerings is growing not every day, but every minute, if not second! It’s a continually growing pool of business projects that are praying to get some commercial backing. We are honestly standing on the cusp of the new era! Willingness and ability to adapt are invaluable not only in real life but in the fairly unexplored cryptocurrency world too! ICO slowly but surely becomes a part of the economical culture of this generation, it’s taking over the world by storm. This can not be denied, as statistic backs this сlaim with a mind-boggling number of new investors. Everyone wants a slice of the proverbial pie, everyone wants to go from rags to riches! Who wouldn’t want to join the lucky group of backers who struck gold? Competent and well-coordinated planning can make your dreams come true, but best ICO projects would be able to make you a millionaire!

Investing is unquestionably the ultimate way that might make you a man or a woman of fortune. Investing is a route the most successful people of this planet chose in the past to become extremely wealthy. Possibly you met the phrase “you need to spend money to make money” before. That expression is true, it’s an approach you need to embrace if you wish to gain more financial power. Saving up won’t do you any good, it might take you half a century to collect your first seven-digit sum – it is simply not an efficient method of becoming affluent. With the formation of digital currency, the access to the land of big funds is open to everyone interested. You might say that there are loads of scammers and cons plaguing the market, but why wouldn’t they be involved? Their existence simply proves that Blockchain is a platform that attracts billions of dollars on a regular basis. You shouldn’t be scared of schemers, you just have to learn how to distinguish them from the rest of the crypto industry community. Here are just some of the signals that should set off the alarm sounds in your head, warn you about the sketchy groups:

bad ico

Signs that indicate a Bad ICO

  1. Inexperienced team members, or even worse, their absence. You can’t trust your money to a group that is represented by a man who tries to wear all the hats. If the project has no advisors, no expertise and no personnel of required skill – it is doomed to fail.
  2. If the company is stating that they had plenty of success before in that particular field, you should ask yourself one simple question: “Then why are they doing an ICO?” Critical thinking is really your best friend in such situations.
  3. Hard cap high ceiling and an overuse of the bonus tip. Be careful if you spot a financial goal that looks absurd, that means there are less chances for the tokens to hit the exchanges. Long public sales also mean that demand is low!
  4. The token is not needed if Etherium and Bitcoin can easily replace it. If the token is not essential to the product, then there is no sense in the whole initial coin offering process altogether.
  5. The marketing is too aggressive and the quality of interaction is too low. You can easily tell if you are having a conversation with an expert or an imitator just by asking a few fundamental questions. Now you realize how to tell if it is a bad idea to invest in some projects. The following list is going to be dedicated to the evaluation points for a good ICO investment, so you can see what conditions would form the best option for you.

good ico

Things to look over before Investing

  1. As mentioned before, the team should not consist of amateurs and jacks of all trades, as you are having a much better chance of getting profits in the long run when you engage with a solid core of educated and learned professionals. Don’t forget to assess the advisory board too, it is involved in the process as much as you or the project developers. Do a lot of research on the staff involved, every single member of the group and pay attention to the experiences they had before. Every little detail matters!
  2. Visit the announcement thread of the project and look for the feedback given to the group by users with the highest reputation, as they have been around the block for some time. They can warn you about potential fraud, so it’s really useful to surf the internet to gather some priceless information about the organization you are interested in. You could also interact with the development team! Ask them tricky, complex, critical questions that would help you decide if the juice is worth a squeeze.
  3. Find out about the stages of progress the group already went through. How much time do they need to build a beta version, how far they’ve come in filling a white paper? Most importantly, check if their products are correlating with their token. If they are hitting all the checkpoints, then chances of them being legitimate are greater. It can be telling if the company is not providing you with clear answers, so be wary of their reaction and time they take to respond.
  4. To get a better impression on the team you are dealing with you have to dive into their community forums. That way you will see exactly how many people are involved in the working process, what exactly they are doing at this time and how popular they are among other interested parties. Many organizations go as far as paying people for positive hype and laudatory reviews. Don’t let yourself be fooled by that mercenary trick!
  5. Identify if the cap is hard or if it has no limits, as this specific has more weight now than ever before! You are taking on the risk of getting no percentage gain as an investor if you are engaging with a no limit cap. That transpires because a bigger amount of coins circulating in the structure leads to a diminishment of token’s value. More funds directed at the ICO wallet means less demand for your tokens. That doesn’t mean you should choose projects that don’t raise as much, as they get little to no interest from the exchanges.
  6. Check out the ratio of a token distribution between the parties involved, as this information can give away the selfishness of the team members. If they are keeping half of their tokens to themselves – be aware. Many initial coin offerings on the market provide a link to the roadmap of their funding progress so that the investors could understand where exactly the money is going.
  7. More info about the planned operation can be found on the white paper. It’s a document that contains all the material about the ICO! Most investors don’t bother to examine that paper and put themselves in danger because of it. You need to understand clearly what you are investing in before putting your funds upfront. Cautious approach and attention to details will help you identify a problem if the problem even exists.

ICO’s to Keep an Eye On

There are a lot of options for you to choose from, so now the idea is to highlight the best ones. Please understand that the following ICO’s don’t necessarily guarantee you golden mountains. Nevertheless, they stand out on the background of the others and have a lot of potentials to be successful! They have a lot of value, present a solution for an existing problem and can really change the game in the future.

Talenthon, for example, is a Blockchain based system that will change the recruitment industry for the better. Some even go as far as calling it an ultimate ICO! Talenthon is a set up that would ensure the best worker evaluation service for the employers, giving them a detailed analysis of employee’s CV. This groundbreaking invention would give corporations a chance to take the application of a candidate and check it for authenticity, judge the skills and accreditation of the candidate. Talenthon would solve the problem of applicants lying in order to get themselves a workplace. The effect of this idea would be felt immediately, and that’s why the project has so much promise.


Cypherium is another team that was assembled by Microsoft, Google and Amazon developers to make some tangible waves. Needless to say, their resume already sounds great! Their idea is even better, as Cypherium wants to eradicate scalability issues on the blockchain platform. It would help the blockchain technology break into the mainstream, which is going to help everyone interested in ICO.


Last but not least is the ASKfm ICO. Their primary goal is to reward people who are giving the best answers online with AskTokens. It’s a completely new approach for the leading Q&A platform on the Internet, as they capitalize on the information era in the smartest way possible!

askfm ico