Best Ethereum Cloud Mining Tips


June 19, 2018

Ethereum Cloud Mining

Today people hear about the crypto currency all the time, but the majority of them only want to talk about Bitcoin, without the proper knowledge and awareness of what it really is. Blinded by the prospect of making big money, people underestimate the difficulty of dealing with contracts and just “make the market” for those who have been around the block for some time. Is it worth to engage with websites, is it worth the cost? First and foremost you need to get one thing – basics are everything. You won’t get too far without a clear understanding of how the whole process is like, you need to think about the risks that are involved in the nature of this activity. Please be advised to spend a good chunk of time “learning the ropes”! Here we will explain to you what Ethereum is as well as we will define the purpose of cloud mining Ethereum.

What Is Ethereum Cloud Mining?

It would be impossible to advance forward without solving the mystery of the mining. Mining is a process of solving math problems and receiving a certain amount of coins as a reward in exchange. To make this all work the “miners” are using special equipment to generate ethers without a central issuer and a proof-of-work policy ensures that nobody spends the ethers twice, as it would be nothing short of cheating. The “cloud” part of the word combination means that you don’t have to own and take care of the hardware yourself. Instead, you can use the power of a remote center to save up the expenses on the rig. It is a smarter and more comfortable way of going through the operations, electricity saving method that only requires you to pay for power consumption.

What is Ethereum?

It is a blockchain that offers smart contracts proposed by a former Bitcoin associated worker Vladik Buterin way back in 2013. Vladik’s vision materialized two years later. Ethereum today is in the spotlight almost as much as Bitcoin. Buterin saw the opportunity to expand the original blockchain technology being a very smart and far-sighted young man and now Ethereum has a lot of followers and a very promising future to say the least. The fact that there is a real person involved is a huge advantage over the mysterious figure of Satoshi Nakamoto. What makes Ethereum interesting is their goal to go from proof-of-work policy to a proof-of-stake one. The difficulty of mining is going up, meaning Ethereum is getting stronger day by day.

Smart Approach

To get the most out of the extraction exercises you need to take into consideration three vital things:

  1. Power cost. Mining is not a walk in the park. It’s hard work even for the most advanced technologies this world has to offer. If you decide to get into the “mine” yourself, you need to understand that the bills that will come back to you might overshadow your profits. That is exactly why cloud option is preferred – you are saving a ton while not being responsible for the productivity of the machines.
  2. Power consumption. Depending on the greatness of your business plan, the energy-devouring measures will differ greatly. Your equipment might not handle the pressure of your elaborate operations and let you down at the least fitting moment. Once again, to avoid the worst from happening it is advisable to use a technically superior cloud.
  3. Hash rate. This is the rate of problem-solving productivity, which directly influences the profits you would be able to reap in the time of block handling. Calculate beforehand if the lemon is worth the squeeze, keeping in mind the expenses on the points mentioned above. It’s not 2+2 for the mining equipment, so the higher the rate is the bigger your expenses on it will be.


Cloud mining lets you get the most bang for your buck, it’s a cleaner and safer way of ether hunting. While you might be interested in working by yourself, the cloud is the best fit for people who don’t have a clue about the mechanical side of things. Allow the people who know what they are doing leave you out of the dirty work!