Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2018


June 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Very often we don’t know how to store and waste our money in the right way. Innovative technologies including blockchain are developing very fast; thereby more and more people are interested in them. This facilitates the development of the decentralized society. And I’ve decided to tell you about the most popular ways to store, control transactions, withdraw, purchase and sell your digital money.

Day by day, new cryptocurrencies appear on the market. It causes the appearance of a great number of different ways to store your digital assets. Somebody wastes money on expensive devices and others use online or desktop applications for free. How to choose the way for storage or transferring your digital assets? We want to present you a list of the best crypto wallets in this review.

To protect your assets from the scam and frauds, you should find out more about different ways of storing digital assets, their advantages and disadvantages, abilities and main differences.

But before the review of the best cryptocurrency wallets, we will tell you about the types of the crypto wallets.

There are five types of cryptocurrency wallets on the market

Online applications

This type is used by customers online, so that they are very convenient, available to use wherever you are and have affordable prices. You can launch it on the computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other gadget at any place of the world. For this, it’s necessary only to be connected to the Internet. This type has a huge amount of pros, including availability to use wherever you are, to store a lot of virtual assets at the same time, any problems with the launch, affordable prices, etc.

Mobile wallets

This type is similar to online apps but developed especially for mobile phones. They are very convenient to apply and carry with you wherever you go, thereby they are very popular among crypto holders and traders. Mobile phones have special QR code scanning option.

Desktop wallets

They have a higher level of protection against hacks and frauds than online apps. As it doesn’t require a permanent connection to the Internet, it has fewer chances to get hacked as you don’t save your registration passwords on the third-party websites. A huge amount of these applications are free as compared to online wallets. In spite of a huge amount of pros, this type has also one important problem. If you delete it from your laptop or your machine will get hacked, you will lose the access to the app forever.

Hardware wallets

They are a real catch for customers who want to carry their digital assets with themselves. This is a great addition to your laptop or computer allowing you to store all your digital assets on a special hard drive designed as a device or USB flash drive. They have a high level of protection against hacks and frauds. They can be equipped with a touchscreen for control of all transactions withdrawn. Also, they are very convenient in the appliance, but they have one disadvantage that is a high price compared to other cryptocurrency wallets.

If compared to the apps, this option is more reliable, because they are not connected to the Internet all the time, thereby they are less vulnerable to hacks and frauds.

Paper wallets

This is the strangest option of storage of your private keys, but they are the safest ones. Any hacks or frauds don’t threaten your digital assets, because you don’t store your private keys on third-party servers.

Which difference is there between hot and cold wallets?

All the wallets are divided into two main groups such as cold and hot ones. The first type doesn’t require a permanent connection to the Internet and is suitable for storage and control of the balance, but not for everyday usage. The last one is a type connected to the Internet all the time. This type is less protected against hacks and frauds, but more convenient for purchasing, selling, withdrawing digital assets.

Now, we will present the list of the best wallets for cryptocurrency.


This is the most popular platform for trading and storing Bitcoin and Ethereum. People from more than 30 countries use the best crypto wallet. Compared to other similar platforms, the registration is free, but the platform charges fees from the transactions. It can boast of an easy-to-use interface and other useful features helping confirm transactions, withdraw, store and trade money. To use this service, you must pass the registration and buy BTC, which takes till several days for the first time. For a higher level of protection, you can put your digital assets on your “vault”.


This is one of the most popular online wallets making it possible to store more than 300 cryptocurrencies without charging fees for registration and use. You pay fees only for withdrawing transactions between different places using this wallet. The main advantage of this wallet is multifunctionality allowing to utilize it at more than one hundred online stores. It’s very convenient for purchasing goods at different stores as well as for trading goals.

There are a lot of pros of this web-based digital wallet:

  • It ensures purchasing stuff at a great number of online stores which makes it useful for everyday life;
  • It has a mobile option for the majority of OS;
  • This is multi-cryptocurrency app enabling not to create a lot of accounts on different websites to cover your customer needs;
  • It has integrated multi-signature technology to ensure a high level of security and safety for your money;
  • It has the vault feature for a high level of protection from hacks making you have a specific amount of assets to withdraw transactions.


Initially, it was developed as a mobile application, but it matches Windows and other OS and works on the desktop as well as on the mobile gadgets and tablets. It’s suitable for cryptocurrencies, but also for digital assets to store and transfer. It has been said that mobile apps are not so safe as desktop ones, but Jaxx has several special tools providing the customer a high level of protection in case of the theft or any other accident. If you lose your mobile phone, you can use your account on another gadget.

The best wallet for cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages, among them:

  • Easy-to-use. To use the wallet you don’t have to fill a lot of forms, give your personal information and do other unnecessary actions. Nada privacy model is used for the wallet privacy;
  • Stylish design – the team has worked an exclusive application design to cover all your meets;
  • Safety – private keys are saved only on your device without saving on the main server. This function increases a level of protection from hacks and frauds;
  • The last feature of the application is compatibility with different OS including Windows and Linux, but also mobile OS, for instance, Android and iOS.


If you are looking for easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet with graphics features, a reporting system, exclusive design, then this is a real catch for you. It will cover all your customer needs, but also will lure with an exclusive design. This wallet has the same features as other similar ones, but it can boast of a stylish design. It’s suitable for customers, who pay attention to the technical characteristics, but also presentation style. The design is not the only advantage of this app, it has a lot of other pros, among them:

  • This application can be used for different cryptocurrencies without charging any additional fees;
  • A hot cryptocurrency wallet, but also an offline option is available. Using a website you can create a wallet, all your personal data will be stored on your computer, not on the website server providing a high level of protection against hacks and frauds;
  • Fast transactions ensuring very quick exchange your cryptocurrencies;
  • An availability to use the wallet without fees;
  • The wallet has a very stylish design allowing even non-technical customers to use it.

Bitcoin Core

The main preference of this wallet is compatibility with different OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a ‘full node’ Bitcoin client, downloading the current version of the blockchain. This wallet has one main benefit in protecting your identity because the service downloads information about all transactions in the Bitcoin network. It provides you with additional protection from frauds and thieves, who tries to waste the same assets twice. Also, thieves can’t make you believe that you receive money that you haven’t received.

This service uses a special network anonymizing your digital assets preventing the link of money with your home IP address, which ensures additional privacy. Bitcoin Core requires a permanent connection with the Internet to synchronize with the network. After creating an account, you receive private keys being in the free asset, but every user, who wants, can encrypt the account with the password.

In summary, it has one main advantage that is a high level of protection against fraud, and its main disadvantage is a requirement of a huge amount of space and bandwidth.


Electrum is compatible with different OS, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s secured due to the connection to other servers for verification all the BTC transactions instead of downloading all the blockchain. You don’t need a lot of space on the computer. After the launch, the platform generates your private key from random 12 words used for verification of your BTC balance. In case of losing the access to this version of the app, it’s possible to reinstall it on another computer.

You have a possibility to encrypt your wallet during its setup if you want compared to Bitcoin Core. With this client, you can download a cold wallet only for storage of your digital assets. Every user can receive BTC on the bill and control the balance, but can’t waste money. This option matches those customers, who want to purchase cryptocurrency for long-term investments.

As it depends on other services, it’s less protected against hacks and frauds compared to Bitcoin Core.

In summary, the application is a good option for those, who want to store their digital assets as a long-term investment, but not very reliable because of dependence on other resources.


This is a hybrid wallet making it possible to store encrypted private keys online before digital assets reach their servers. After purchasing cryptocurrency, an amount reaches directly your account. Your assets are protected from thieves and frauds. You can create an account for free, but the company charges fees for confirming transactions depending on the number of digital assets.


This is the best multi cryptocurrency wallet for storing Bitcoin and Ethereum tested by thousands of customers. This service combines all benefits of the decentralized blockchain technology and best features of the bank system, including a high level of security. It integrates with different brands, including Glidera, Trezor, Ledger, Cashila, and Coinapult. This application is always upgraded by the developers of the company and becomes better and more convenient for users.

Ledge Nano S

In spite of its high price, this manufacturer offers its users a lot of useful features, including a high level of security of your cryptocurrency private keys. This feature is the main advantage of this device making it a real leader on the market.

For use of this device, you don’t have to use a computer. This is a full-fledged device solution for storage and exchange of your cryptocurrencies equipped with a small LCD screen allowing to make operations with your digital assets, including to withdraw transactions, transfer money from one account to another, store your cryptocurrencies, etc.

There are a lot of advantages of this device:

  • All the transactions are transmitted on its screen, so you can control all the manipulations with your digital assets;
  • It’s equipped with comfortable buttons making it very convenient in use for even for newbies;
  • To protect it against frauds, developers have equipped it with PIN code;
  • If you lose your Ledge Nano S, you will be able to restore your wallet with no problems;
  • You can store and exchange a lot of cryptocurrencies with it because this wallet is multi-cryptocurrency allowing you not to create a lot of cryptocurrency wallets.

Ledger Blue

The company, who has developed Ledge Nano S, is a creator of the best cryptocurrency wallet. This is a leading-edge solution in the world of the innovative technologies. It has a lot of pros compared to the previous one. This is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, but also a full-fledged device with its own touchscreen, USD connectivity, and Bluetooth.

It resembles a tablet, but it has a lot of useful functions for customers. This is not a simple gadget for entertaining goals, it has several onboarding options providing you with comfortable control of the wallet and backup.

In summary, there are a lot of advantages:

  • It’s equipped with the dual chip architecture technology for the high level of the protection;
  • It is malware-proof and protected from the hacks and frauds;
  • This is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet – every customer can store more than 1 dozen cryptocurrencies simultaneously;
  • You can set from 4 to 8 PIN code on it.


This is one more multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet for storage of digital assets suitable for different currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Namecoin. It resembles a usual USB flash drive. This is a very convenient way to store your digital assets due to a great digital display and the availability to carry your money always with you. One of the most important benefits of this device is a high level of protection against hacks and frauds. These gadgets are malware proof because they don’t have OS, but they are compatible with different OS, including Mac, Linux, PC, and Android. This device is manufactured from very durable materials protecting the case from mechanical defects.


This is a very popular way to store digital assets among cryptocurrency holders because this manufacturer is a leader in producing hardware cryptocurrency wallets. It matches a lot of currencies, and you don’t have to create a lot of accounts on different websites to store your digital assets. Customers prefer this device for its level of safety because it’s very easy in the appliance. This device has a Google Chrome extension making utilization the most convenient for customers. Trezor can boast of the combination of the easy setup and durable token allowing you to store digital assets.