3 Biggest ICO’s Based in Cryptocurrency History


May 15, 2018

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3 Biggest ICO’s Based in Cryptocurrency History

First of all, let’s figure out what “ICO” is? This is a new form of investment, the emergence of which is associated with the appearance of cryptocurrency. In two words, it is a pretty nice way to invest your savings and a source of investment attraction. Nowadays everybody knows about crowdfunding. Somebody has an idea, somebody – money. So putting it all together people get the product that they can use in their everyday life. After cryptocurrency had invented and launched in 2009, the necessity of usual money decreased, and funding through the issuance of new digital tokens was begun. ICOs appeared with blockchain startups raising over $1.5 billion. Usually, projects which are connected with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency take part in ICOs.

Now let’s see some ICOs that made the list.


telegram ico

Due to the latest news, this is one of the most popular encrypted messaging services in the world. With the help of 81 accredited investors the Telegram ICO has already raised USD 850 million. The Telegram Open Network is aiming to create a blockchain of the third generation which will not have any troubles with the scalability issues.



How does it work? This is a sort of network which can be a competitor of a successful service Telegram. The point is that Ask.fm wants people to use their SN not to chat only, but to share their experience and knowledge by answering the users’ questions. Ask token is a native cryptocurrency of the ASKfm platform. The delights of its blockchain are in asking questions and motivating users to give answers.


kin ico

How did it work? It is a service as well, where you can chat sending videos. Sharing videos with some information, you receive cryptocurrency. Too good to be true. The Kin token is based on Ethereum at present that also has some advantages among others. Having some problems because of not advertising Kin, the team is sure in success and that soon each ICO will do the same soon.

No matter what company location is, what it does and how all of these companies have impressive ideas which help them reach the success.